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Strong STEAM for a Strong Future

September 27th, 2021|

When one looks at the world we live in with all of its technological marvels, we can be fascinated at the leaps scientific progress has made. Our children are poised at the right time of their lives to gain an appreciation for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education.

Learn Robotics from “Scratch”

June 17th, 2021|

The Discovery Channel television series BattleBots® is proof positive that robotics continues to gain in popularity. Now seen in over 150 countries, this robot-based series boasts an impressive audience following of more than 4.9 million energetic fans, boys, girls, and their parents.

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A Targeted Approach

STEAM Academies aims to heighten K-8 students’ interest and enhance their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEM and Art).

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. . . these young scientists and engineers teach us something beyond the specific topics that they’re exploring. They teach us how to question assumptions; to wonder why something is the way it is, and how we can make it better. And they remind us that there’s always something more to learn, and to try, and to discover, and to imagine — and that it’s never too early, or too late to create or discover something new.

– President Obama 

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