A Day of Exploration and Fun at Our STEAM Open House!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the 35 wonderful families who graced our STEAM Open House on Saturday, January 27, 2024! The day was a resounding success as we hosted the families in six enthusiastic groups from 10:30 am to 2 pm, with eager K-8 grade students in tow.

The event was a family affair, as kids attended alongside their parents, creating an atmosphere of shared discovery and excitement. Our new facility buzzed with energy as families delved into the fascinating world of 3D Design & Printing, Lego EV3 Robotics, Simple Circuits, and Nanobots Robotics during engaging demo classes.

To add to the joy, every attending child received a special gift bag, a token of appreciation for their curiosity and enthusiasm. Parents and kids alike reveled in the experience, not only connecting with our dedicated instructors but also forging bonds with other like-minded parents.

The festivities were spread throughout the day, providing ample time for families to explore, ask questions, and immerse themselves in the enriching activities we had prepared. It was truly heartwarming to witness the shared moments of discovery and learning.

As we reflect on this fantastic day, we express our gratitude to each family that contributed to the success of our Open House. Here’s to the spirit of curiosity, the joy of learning, and the promise of exciting adventures ahead at STEAM Academies!


Both my son and I enjoyed the demo classes very much at STEAM Academies’ open house. My son particularly liked the Nanobots Robotics class, and I am excited to enroll him in it. The new office space is impressively clean and spacious, with the added convenience of smart boards. Overall, we had a fantastic experience.

Thank you for accepting my son and providing him with a great experience. The space is very clean and everyone was very kind. It was nice to see so many women teaching STEM. My 7-year-old enjoyed building with Lego – Nanobots Robotics – and coding.

A Few Images from the Open House

A video shot from the Open House