Make, Create and Innovate!

Our Programs foster and develop 21st Century essentials and STEAM skills.

Plan & Track your Child’s Progress with Expertly Designed Creative & Fun Curriculum: As a caring parent, you are absolutely at the right place with 20 of the coolest Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Courses imaginable for your loved ones! Robotics (LEGO Mindstorms EV3, VEX), 3D Printing and Modeling, Animation (SCRATCH and Blender), Lasers and Optics in Physics, Maths beyond Schools, Website Design, Java and C++ Programming, Practical Electronics, Fun with Arduino, and more.


An excellent way to cultivate an interest in Science, Technology & Engineering as well as encourage problem-solving skills, teamwork & creativity is to design, build and program working Robots. Create LEGO Robots that do interesting tasks such as traverse a maze, climb stairs, or walls.
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Introduces students Grade 4-8 to the fundamental principles of the Java, Python, or Scratch Programming Languages in a step-by-step structured manner. An emphasis is given to examples that use Graphics, Colors & Animation to keep the students engaged, curious and interested.
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Our experienced CAD and 3D printing instructor will guide the kids step-by-step on how to use Google Sketch Up to create simple and fun CAD projects and show how easy it is for one to express their own imagination into plastic reality! Make houses, building, toy planes, and much more!
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A practical hands-on science and craft camp for kids to enjoy and explore the amazing world of science! Chemistry experiments with food colors, baking soda, and other safe ingredients. Simple electronics with playdough and paper, building sturdy bridges, balloon-powered cars, and many more fun STEM activities.
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