STEM Family Nights

A STEM family night is an evening of exploration, discovery, and family fun at our STEM Academies! We’re thrilled to invite families to come together and experience the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in a collaborative and entertaining environment.

Night Details:

Capacity: Our space is ready to accommodate 3-4 families, up to 12 people.

Duration: The night is planned for 2 hours, providing ample time for engaging in STEM activities and family fun.

Early Arrival: The hosting family has the option to arrive earlier for setup if needed.

• Interactive STEM Activities: Engage in hands-on STEM activities suitable for all ages. From exciting experiments to creative engineering challenges, there’s something for everyone.

• Demonstrations and Showcases: Witness captivating demonstrations and showcases that highlight the marvels of STEM. Our instructors will present fascinating concepts in an engaging and accessible way.

• Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Enjoy a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere where curiosity is celebrated. Invite families who share a passion for learning and exploration.

• Variety of Themes: Tailor the party to match your interests, ensuring a diverse range of activities and experiences. Whether it’s robotics, chemistry, or coding, there’s always something new to discover. Contact us to learn about options.

What is included?

• STEM Activities: Choose from a variety of STEM activities, including robotics, science experiments, and more.

• Professional Guidance: Our instructors will guide you through the activities, providing assistance and fostering a positive learning environment.

• All STEM Materials Provided: We take care of all the materials and equipment needed for the activities. You can relax and enjoy the celebration while we handle the educational fun.

• Food and Drinks: Parents must supply all food, drinks, and utensils.

STEM family night - STEAM Academies

How to Book

1. Choose a Theme: Explore our themes and pick the one that suits your interests the best.

2. Select Activities: Customize the party by selecting the STEM activities you’d like to include.

3. Contact Us: By email or phone to discuss available dates, pricing, and any specific requests you may have.

4. Come Prepared to Have Fun: Arrive with a sense of curiosity and a readiness to dive into the world of STEM. No prior knowledge is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm!

Join us at STEAM Academies for an enriching and enjoyable STEM Family Night. Together, let’s explore, discover, and celebrate the wonders of STEM! Contact us today to start planning an unforgettable experience!


Until the end of May: $350-450 $250-350