STEM-Powered Birthday Parties

Make your child’s birthday celebration a memorable and educational experience with our STEM-powered birthday parties! At STEAM Academies, we believe in combining fun and learning to create unique and exciting celebrations for young minds.

Party Details:

Capacity: We can accommodate up to 10 kids, including the birthday child. If you want to invite more kids, let us know in advance.

Duration: The party lasts for 90 minutes, featuring one hour of engaging STEM activities and half an hour dedicated to the birthday cake-cutting ceremony.

Early Arrival for Decoration: The hosting family is welcome to arrive half an hour before the party starts for decoration setup.

• Engaging Activities: Our STEM-themed birthday parties feature hands-on and interactive activities that make learning fun. From building robots to conducting exciting science experiments, each activity is designed to spark curiosity and creativity.

• Educational Fun: While the kids are having a blast, they’re also learning valuable STEM concepts in a playful and entertaining way. It’s a win-win for parents and children alike!

• Customized Themes: Tailor the party to match your child’s interests. Whether they’re fascinated by robotics, mad about science, or intrigued by coding, we have a range of themes to choose from.

• Experienced Instructors: Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors ensure that the birthday child and their friends have a fantastic time while also gaining insights into the fascinating world of STEM.

What is included?

• STEM Activities: Choose from a variety of STEM activities, including robotics, science experiments, and more.

• Professional Guidance: Our instructors will guide the children through the activities, providing assistance and fostering a positive learning environment.

• All STEM Materials Provided: We take care of all the materials and equipment needed for the activities. You can relax and enjoy the celebration while we handle the educational fun.

• Food and Drinks: Parents must supply all food, drinks, and utensils.

STEM powered birthdays STEAM Academies

How to Book

1. Choose a Theme: Explore our themes and pick the one that suits your child’s interests the best.

2. Select Activities: Customize the party by selecting the STEM activities you’d like to include.

3. Contact Us: Get in touch with us by email or phone to discuss available dates, pricing, and any specific requests you may have.

4. Celebrate with STEM: Host a birthday party that combines excitement, laughter, and STEM learning!

Make your child’s birthday celebration truly special with a STEM-powered birthday party at STEAM Academies. Contact us today to start planning an unforgettable experience!


Until the end of May: $350-450 $250-350