STEM Education and Creativity

STEM Education and Creativity

When people think of science or math, they don’t consider those subjects to foster creativity. However, having a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses can teach children to be creative in ways they could never have imagined. That newfound creativity opens up a world of opportunity for the next generation of young learners.

By just taking a look at the world around us, it’s clear to see how many things we can discover. Imagine what sort of mental gymnastics the brilliant minds took to create limbs for amputees or allow the information we see on our computer screens to travel millions of miles in a second. These things wouldn’t be possible unless someone first imagined it could be done.

Looking at the world to see not just what is, but what the world could be, stretches young minds beyond what they thought was possible. That creative mindset realizes that answers may not always remain concrete, allowing the learner to explore new realms of knowledge they may have otherwise been disinterested in. Given enough practice at exploring new possibilities, and our children can learn to try new things or experiences they have never would have chosen for themselves.

STEM Education and Creativity

If a child in a STEM education course is tasked with creating a new program or robotic function without forcing them to make it look like everyone else’s robot, children are empowered to reflect a little of who they are as a person in their creations. Creativity opens a person up to becoming more self-confident and able to express what they find important. By being creative in a way that is true to what they enjoy, kids are more willing to take risks and possibly fail and learn from those failures, because those failures are a step along the road of fulfilling something that is important to them.

Seeing STEM subjects as another means of finding innovative solutions reinforces that creativity isn’t bound to the arts alone. Children with creative minds grow up into adults who are seen as trend-setters, able to step ahead of their peers at work and capable of handling unforeseen events that may hit them in their lives. They will understand that, though life happens, they have the tools to step around obstacles and find a solution that will be to their benefit.

Because the world is growing at exponential leaps and bounds in technological advances, the world is primed for creative STEM experts to step in and discover new frontiers, allowing them to lead the way into world-changing innovations. By encouraging our children to explore STEM subjects, we encourage them to be part of that spearhead for a better future.

Investment, big or small, in STEM education is crucial